because my night cream wardah lightening step 1 wasted so I bought step 2, yes is continuing for the cream wardah lightening used step 1 and step 2 but today I want review step 2.
benefit these creams.
- contain double gycolid acid (Aha) useful for accelerated the release of dead skin.
-treat and moist
-lightening skin for inside when I used these creams is more creamy than step 1, my skin so refresh is like use ice on my face, and the smell is like menthol. in the morning my skin so moist. say goodbye for dry skin. :)

today i want review  cheapeast moisture in indonesia is only 3500 rupiah.
cheap but believe is legal not fake product i saw on box  there number pom CD1006601337.
you can find it small store or tradisional market.
its benefit:
softening skin
avoid dry skin because sun.
disguise black spot.
the texture from cream lil bit dry but me spread on my face lil bit hard absorb my skin and  unfortunately my skin not match because after i use this product my face become itch. first time i try maybe i will stop use.

nyai bagendit edisi baru tapi kok versi aku selalu menggambarkan sinyonya ini tuh cantik beut dan elegan terus awet muda gtu padahal kan versi aslinya wanita tua berumuran 40 tahunan. apeu ini ci

kalau ini gambar apa ini? gadis dengan daun yang berguguran. Seperti hati ku seperti daun sangat mudah untuk gugur dan sudah layu akan cinta. Harapan tentang cinta itu perlahan sirna, kenapa hati ibarat daun tidak tahu aku juga tidak tahu hanya saja saat menggambar ini saya ingin menggambar gadis dan daun.
lagi-lagi menggambar tentang bunga tulip.

sebatang bunga tulip.

sangat menyukai bunga tulip.
gadis adalah bunga yang akan kecantikannya selalu mengundang para kumbang menghisap kumbangnya tetapi dalam lukisan ini menjelaskan bahwa bunga ini tidak dapat di hisap sarinya karena bunga ini terbuat dari plastik.

kayaknya uci harus beli scanner deh susah sumpah demi apa DEMI TUHAN sambil mukul-mukul meja.
yah kan gara-gara kamera di curi si itu *benci banget sama orang yang curi kamera aku. jadinya aku kebingungan yah terpaksa deh bb penggantinya tapi kurang puas apa karena bb tipe jadul yah...berarti nabung dulu kali yah.

setelah review bodyscrub shinzui aku mau review mipi minyak pijat sama kayaknya yang tongkat kecil ujungnya koin ini fungsinya buat kerokan.harga :20.000-21.000rupiah* maaf kalau salah.
1.membantu meredakan nyeri otot,pegal2 dan sakit otot pinggang.
2.membantu meredakan keseleo
3.membantu menghangatkan badan
Cara pakai: oleskan mipi secukupnya pada anggota tubuh yang sakit, lalu lakukan pemijatan selama 10-15 menit.


aku pun memakai ini ketika  kaki aku pegal karena membantu mama membuat kue lalu saya mengoleskan mipi ini ke area betis ngefek banget dipijat sendiri lalu ada sensasi hangat  dan dominan dalam mipi ini wangi minyak cengkeh pas aku liat dikomposisinya bahan yang paling banyak takarannya adalah minyak cengkeh.

Today i'll review Shizui body scrub, body scrub therefore my father bought this for my mom. Low price concerning 12000-14000 rupiah,with fragrant  myori.

matsu oil containing herbs that is a skin lightening shizu'i though his name however the foremost i'm wondering, this is it.

can u see that :

picture below its the way to use product

like different body scrub.
i think this product from japan however  its makes me  suprise its from f Indonesia

I've tried this underneath my scrubs smart use and after I rubbed on my skin  bite not greasy and that i like  fragrance then i do know why   my mama like this bodyscrub. however less efective bright my skin perhaps my skin too tan however makes my mood exaggerated

seperate white and red

use solely white egg

spread on face

leave on for 10 minute

rinse off with warm water

benefit white egg:

1.decrease oil on face

2.relieve disease of the skin

3.moisten skin

4.omit dark circles eyes

 all stuff. umberella, wallet, and fabric. actually  jully me bought wardah night cream and wardah facial foam lightening but not got captured only these.
 i bought wallet in petra price:25.000 rupiah

in there much  kind stuff like bracelet,necklace, and brosch sell with low-medium prices but sorry in here cant offer so  fixed prices.

adress:Jl Asia Afrika 12, Braga.

 i dont know how much it this my mom gave suprise she bought me this .  I like this umberella lil bit childish but japanesse animation. i like anime but i dont know who they are?
2 meter :17.000 /meter

my mom gave me  chance to chosen fabric  me chose butterfly motif.Bought this in jalan tamim.

jalan tamim in there  much fabric stall.

and lil bit forgot.

wardah lightening step 2 and lightening facial wash wardah

if you finish painting you must give that painting varnish its can make your painting strong.

in here i didnt used varnish. will u see those image fade .

i created those art at 2009 used caliber oil color.

i painted  eye  and use vogue ekspresionism.

size those paint is twenty cm x twenty cm

four eyes

 i saw desperate in my life.

i felt emptiness in my heart

i felt broken heart

i felt unable to like

what am i able to do?
-2 table spoon honey
one tablet vitamin e
mix all ingredient
spread on face
leave on for 15 minute
rinse off  with warm water

benefit honey:
-moisten skin
-anti aging
-anti oxidant
-makes ur skin glowing

benefit vitamin e
- anti aging
-prevent sunburn
-protect skin from uv
-get ride of acne and spots
-exfolation skin

its match for dry skin
prepare fabric length 14 cm and height 17 cm then fold

sewing edges 

 result as like these.
add manic,
add glue to breastpin

fabric cut into 7 cm x 7 cm. for 6 pieces

folding fabric

sew and drawstring ends

make 6 petals.

Then sew back and forth.

add beads on flower

after bead pairs to cover the seams

then melt glue burns. Could use a glue gun

give glue on back.

voilaaa ........ Bross fabric

gedi leaves or Latin language Hibiscus Manihot L * saw on Wikipedia.
This leaves my mom often used to give me this, when I was ill and effectively reduce body heat.
besides benefits lower the heat so much you can google it much benefit this leave
I recently found this plant containing vitamins A, lowering cholesterol and collagen. * out of Wikipedia was browsing.

how to process even simple

wash clean leave

containers provide add leaves with warm water, do not water it too much.

Squeeze the leaves so that secrete mucus ,then strain using a sieve

gedi leaf juice ready to be served.

i used one tablee spoon off heena powder
add water then stir
speard on finger until dry it wasste one hour-two hour. because i less patience i used help hair dryer
wait until dry
rinse on water
voilla the result :)

panaskan air tambah jahe dan tambah gula *aku memakai gula semut atau bahasa inggrisnya brown sugar.
sampai mendidih
saring dan tunggu hingga panas.

Aku menemukan ini di pinterest dan mencobanya:)
sumber gambar:
aku sudah mencobanya ketika tenggorakan ku agak sakit dan ini membantu :) tenggorakan ku lebih baik

Hasil akhir lukisan ini disidangkan diatas

My final project about nyai Bagendit.

Media: acrylic paint on canvas

techniques: wet on dry

size 60x 120 cm

I prefer painting before revision :)

Quoted on the virtual pages of stories to tell archipelago that : Once upon a time , in a remote village in Garut , there is a wealthy young widow and had no children . His wealth is abundant and very large houses they occupy a legacy of her husband who had died . Unfortunately, in the widow was very miserly , stingy , and greedy . He does not ever want to give aid to those in need . Even if there are poor people who came to his house to ask for help , he did not hesitate to throw him out . Because it is miserly and stingy it , then the surrounding community called Nyi ENDIT , which means that the rich are stingy . Besides having a rich inheritance , Nyi ENDIT also inherited her husband's work as a loan shark . Almost all agricultural land in his village that is purchased from nearby residents by way of blackmail , which lends money to people with high interest payments and gave him a very short time . If there are people who can not pay the debt to maturity , then the farm must be at stake . No wonder so many people around who were poor due to their farms bought all exhausted by the widow . One day , when Nyi ENDIT 're busy tallying gold and jewels in front of his house , suddenly an old woman carrying a baby came to her . " Nyi ENDIT , have mercy on us ! It's been two days my kids do not eat , "she said plaintively . " Hey old woman who does not know himself ! So, do not have children if you can not afford to feed ! Get out you out of my sight ! " Snapped Nyi ENDIT . Digendongan baby cried she heard the sound of screaming Nyi ENDIT . Because sorry to see her baby , an old beggar was again appealed to the wealthy widow bite of rice in order to provide for his son . Without a word , Nyi ENDIT into the house . What a happy heart the old woman , thinking Nyi ENDIT will take food . " Cup ... cup ... cup ... ! Be still, my dear boy . Soon we 'll get food , " she pleaded as she wiped tears from her baby . Not long after , Nyi ENDIT came out . However , instead of bringing food , but a bucket of water and suddenly Nyi ENDIT splashed toward the old woman . " Byuuurrr ... ! The Taste O old woman ! "Said Nyi Endit.Tak thus, the entire body of an old woman and her baby become waterlogged . The baby was crying uncontrollably . Grief-stricken , the old woman strove and baby wipes soaked body . Looking at the old woman had not yet gone , the wealthy widow not told that getting angry . With a fierce face , he immediately evict an old woman came out of his yard . After the old woman away , Nyi ENDIT back into her house . The next day , some people came to the house asking Nyi ENDIT well water for cooking and bathing . It just happened to be in the village rich widow that is the only that has a well and the water was very abundant . While residents in the surrounding areas have to fetch water in the river a short distance from the village . " Nyi ENDIT , help us ! Let us take to the water in the well Bagendit we use to cook . We are starving , " iba a resident from outside the fence Nyi ENDIT . " Hi , you all ! I do not permit you to take the water in sumurku ! If you want to take the water , go to the river there ! " Expel Nyi ENDIT . The residents could not do anything about it . Eventually , they were forced to go to the river to fetch water . Not long after the people passed , suddenly an old man named Ki Chart standing , holding his stick in front of the house Nyi ENDIT . Grandpa was also intends to ask for water but only to drink. " Boy Nyi ENDIT ! Give servant drinking a sip of water . Servants are very thirsty , " Grandpa 's pity . Nyi ENDIT who had been feeling upset since become increasingly annoyed at the old man's arrival . Sepata Without a word, he walked out of his house and seized a stick and grandfather. Stick with it , he then beat up the old man's battered and fell down to the ground . Seeing the old man is not helpless anymore , Nyi ENDIT throw the stick beside the old man and hurried into the house . It got so bad the old man's fate . Instead of drinking water obtained from the widow but persecution . While holding the pain in his body , the grandfather was trying to grab his cane to get up again . With the remnants of its power , the old man stuck his stick on the home page Nyi ENDIT . As soon as he pulled the stick , the water suddenly gushed out of the former tancapan stick it . At the same time , the old man had disappeared somewhere. The longer bursts of water that the greater and heavy . The residents were scurrying to leave the village in order to save themselves . Meanwhile , Nyi ENDIT still inside the house was about to save all their possessions . Without realizing it , turned the water has submerged entire villages . He was trying to save himself while screaming for help . But no one came to help him because of all the people had left the village . The stingy rich widows who can no longer save himself and sank with all their wealth . Over time, the village was kept under water until it disappears and a lake takes on a broad and deep. By the local community , the lake was named Situ Bagendit . The word there means a vast lake , while the word is taken from the name Nyi Bagendit ENDIT .source : ( ) .

one day before i dumped her because my mom didnt like cat if i saw this picture its made me sad.
capture by canon.
 she is very pretty and actrative.

sometimes keep cat is very fun  and not fun.

very fun because u can play with her/ him

not fun or digusting if she/ he pooop in any where.


i wish u happy in there and have better boss than me

edit: adobe cs 3 photoshop

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