gedi leaves or Latin language Hibiscus Manihot L * saw on Wikipedia.
This leaves my mom often used to give me this, when I was ill and effectively reduce body heat.
besides benefits lower the heat so much you can google it much benefit this leave
I recently found this plant containing vitamins A, lowering cholesterol and collagen. * out of Wikipedia was browsing.

how to process even simple

wash clean leave

containers provide add leaves with warm water, do not water it too much.

Squeeze the leaves so that secrete mucus ,then strain using a sieve

gedi leaf juice ready to be served.

i used one tablee spoon off heena powder
add water then stir
speard on finger until dry it wasste one hour-two hour. because i less patience i used help hair dryer
wait until dry
rinse on water
voilla the result :)

panaskan air tambah jahe dan tambah gula *aku memakai gula semut atau bahasa inggrisnya brown sugar.
sampai mendidih
saring dan tiriskan bisa diminum hangat maupun dingin

Aku menemukan ini di pinterest dan mencobanya:)
sumber gambar:
aku sudah mencobanya ketika tenggorakan ku agak sakit dan ini membantu :) tenggorakan ku lebih baik

Hasil akhir lukisan ini disidangkan diatas

My final project about nyai Bagendit.

Media: acrylic paint on canvas

techniques: wet on dry

size 60x 120 cm

I prefer painting before revision :)

one day before i dumped her because my mom didnt like cat if i saw this picture its made me sad.
capture by canon.
 she is very pretty and actrative.

sometimes keep cat is very fun  and not fun.

very fun because u can play with her/ him

not fun or digusting if she/ he pooop in any where.


i wish u happy in there and have better boss than me

edit: adobe cs 3 photoshop

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