Saya suka sabun ini yang membuat saya segar dan tidak membuat gatal .......

memungkinkan ulasan:


hmmm oke

  manfaat produk ini:

melindungi dengan formula aktif melindungi bentuk kuman, coolness menthol obat dan meningkatkan energi. Hygenic setiap hari.

ketika saya menggunakan produk ini.  banyak busa dan terasa dingin seperti es  dan mengurangi gatal di punggung saya.


mengurangi gatal kulit saya

tidak meninggalkan gatal


banyak busa

tidak suka

saya pikir tidak ada alasan saya benci produk ini.


mmmm cukup mahal 

point 5/5

today I want to review about hair conditioner from natur including olive oil plus aloe Vera. Benefit this product is: give nutrition for your hair, smooth your hair , help growth or hair more healthy and help problem dry skin. with hyacinth flower for fragrance.
this month I bought shampoo and get  bonus conditioner 50 ml from nature.
I like the scent and texture of the product is like a lotion but absorb on hair is good. makes my hair smooth but my hair still hard to comb or Sundanesse said jeumbeut
product made in indonesia by pt gondowangi

manfaat produk ini adalah:

-memberikan relaksasi dan kesegaran

-melindungi kulit dari freeradical

-melindungi kulit kehalusan

-membuat kulit terlihat cerah dan dipelihara

-angkat kotoran dan sel kulit mati.

ditingkatkan dengan formulasi cepat kering.

aroma seperti sabun, m dan tekstur creamy. ketika saya menggosok tubuh saya tidak membuat  tubuh saya sakit dan krim cepat kering sehingga tubuh saya tidak merasa berminyak setelah menggunakan produk ini. kemudian ketika saya bilas air terasa segar, sebelum saya menggunakan produk ini saya merasa suasana begitu buruk setelah menggunakan produk ini meningkatkan suasana hati saya dan kulit saya terasa halus.

bahan 2x produk ini

date off expired is 3/16 is mean  for 3 years. product made in indonesia manufacture PT unza vitalis. Price 12.500 rupiah
tanggal kedaluwarsa off adalah 3/16 adalah berarti selama 3 tahun. produk yang dibuat di Indonesia memproduksi PT unza Vitalis. Harga 12.500 rupiah

beli lagi? mmmm mau coba varian lain 

today I will write a shower gel review from Christina Aquilera, which was made in Europe. Gifts from my full cousin to Isma. she has asked me to choose, do you want a shower gel or body lotion? I choose, shower gel.

Christina Aquilerra, she is my favorite singer and now she makes perfume-gel-lotions.

I am very fortunate to get one and the prize. from the packaging, my friend Martin who she thought was like the face wash product that I felt was very different.

 once i tried to predict. the aroma is very fragrant, it turns out that the foam is abundant and after I use this product my skin is oily . she bought this product not one package, but she bought a gift package

if you want to know about this product you might have to buy it on this website or ebay.

Beside produced skincare , brand wardah making makeup to, today i review lipstick matte wardah no 4 orange.
-This product the colour its not orange but its red.
-its match for my lips but easy patch -_- i used this then patch unfortunately.
and makes my lips oily .
-maybe its disaspoint for me hmmmmmmmm

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