Two months ago L’occtianne celebrated a birthday so they gave handcream to everyone but changed coupon contain numbers in the counter. I got info from beauty blogger her name Alvianti Fajarsari.
When I changed coupon then the shopkeeper asks my email and phone number then I got my hand cream.

Today I will write reviews this product.

Benefit this product: helps to protect,nourish and soften your hand.

Packaging: this form reminds me with oil colour’s tube but I like it.

.Scent:I like it very smooth .
 Texture: creamy
apply on my hand.
then I massage my hand.

voila can you see it, conclusion this hand cream effective for dry skin.

repucharse: maybe
where to buy: L'occtiane counter 
price:120.000 rupiah for 30 ml

this post not using google translate.