long time this items entry my list however december last year ME bought this hand lotion . i'm terribly satisfied with result. check it out my review:


standard same like product petrolatum handbody lotion all same kind solely different color and film ahead off.


me like it , scent chocolate however sweet job my memory chocolate cookies dough hmmm delicious.


this product contains pure cocoa butter its offer nutrition for our skin, in order that our skin appearance soft and glowing.
theobroma cacao(cocoa) seed butter and parki(shea)butter.

suitable or not?
Alhamdulilah I found hand lotion match for my skin, not left itch however even my leg still itch not abundant, not left hot on my skin, and simply absorb in my skin, facilitate ME wet my skin however not till twenty four hours as an ad.
price: 16.000-18.000 rupiah unit 100 ml repurchase: affirmative , I want to buy for size 200 ml or 400 ml thanks