Tampilkan postingan dengan label homemade mask. Tampilkan semua postingan
Tampilkan postingan dengan label homemade mask. Tampilkan semua postingan
aloevera one leave small part *taken meat
2 table spoon honey

mix all
apply to your face
 leave on for 15 minute
rinse off with warm water

benefit aloevera for face?
1.treat from sunburn
2.moistuzer for dry skin
3.treat and prevent acne
4.for anting aging contain beta carotene, vitamins C and E

benefit avocado:
-reduce wrinkles
-face cleanser
-moisthen face

how to?
1/4 mash avocado*depend u
*add honey
*add olive oil

mix all
apply to face
leave on for 15 minute

wash off with clean water/ warm water
use 1-2x weeks

me get capture with my webcam too lazy use my blackberry eror and i have'nt digital camera.

2 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon tumeric powder
pinch cinnamon powder
two drop olive oil.
-mix all ingredient
-spread on face
-leave on for 10 minute
-wash off with warm water

match for dry skin but texture thicke.

benefit honey:
-moisten skin
-honey as antioxsidan
-relieve black spot
-treat acne

benefit tumeric
-prevent wrinkle
-treating skin smoothness and softness
-prevent dryness skin 

helps treat acne and helps regenerate skin cells

do u want to try it?

3 strawberry
2 teaspoon honey
mash strawberry and add honey.
spread on face
leave on for15 minute.
rinse off warm water.
benefit: Include vitamin c,e and softening skin *browse google wkwkwkw

do you want try?

for one times use.

seperate white and red

use solely white egg

spread on face

leave on for 10 minute

rinse off with warm water

benefit white egg:

1.decrease oil on face

2.relieve disease of the skin

3.moisten skin

4.omit dark circles eyes
-2 table spoon honey
one tablet vitamin e
mix all ingredient
spread on face
leave on for 15 minute
rinse off  with warm water

benefit honey:
-moisten skin
-anti aging
-anti oxidant
-makes ur skin glowing

benefit vitamin e
- anti aging
-prevent sunburn
-protect skin from uv
-get ride of acne and spots
-exfolation skin

its match for dry skin
 white egg
1/4 banana

 Seperation red and white egg.
shake white egg
add banana mash
apply to  face
leave on for 5-10 minute
rinse on warm water
white egg good skin and banana good for reduce  wrinkle this mask match for skin type oily. I tried yesterday but my skin became tight

Easy DIY pumpkin facial mask for dry or dull skin (all natural)

ripe pumpkin used five cm, then mash

spread to face

leave on  for fifteen minute.

remove with warm water

i felt thus my skin sleek :) and healthy.

benefit pumpkin for face?

1.look younger your skin

2.heal death skin

3.nutrition city dry skin

4. brightening city skin

5.glowing city skin

DO You want to try?

cut a very little piece of papaya.
then mash papaya.
spread on face
leave on for fifteen minute
wash off with warm water
the result: made my skin very smooth
papaya is very good for your skin its contain vitamin c, vitamin e and, potassium. smart choice for your skin specially for dry skin, reduce wrinkle and disease of the skin.
Coklat bubuk 2 sdm
Putih telur 2 sdt
Campur semua bahan oleskan pada kulit yang bersih, diamkan selama 15-20 menit lalu bilas dengan bersih menggunakan air hangat .
result:halus banget.

berasa cewek paling cakep sedunia dan alam akhirat.

putih telur yang aku tahu manfaatnya bagus untuk mengencangkan kulit dan coklat bagus untuk kulit kering
jadi perpaduan pas untuk anda yang berwajah kering

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