today i will  write  post about my   handicrafts, sketches and painting. actually all of this work was created years past is also too late to write down this okay .


i will show u painting.

size:60x forty cm

media:acrylik on canvas.

why i created  like this?

just like it kind cupcakes with cream and  cherry on top.

someday I'll create a blueberry cream with vanilla cake and cherry on top. wow delicious adds color gold will be glamour.


media:crayon on paper.

why I created an image like this? because my favorite tulips flowers. I have chosen color purple, red and yellow, I prefer seeing flower with colorful purple, red and yellow and why the leaves blue? because I want to make leaves different with ordinary people painting.
then retouched this image with adobe photoshop cs3 make lightening and paint daubs.


many flower i created  flowers . next post i'll create tutorial.