Earlier this year, publishers spread the word to reveal the latest techniques to lose weight. A brief overview of the latest releases that matter.

The nutritionist explains his method to lose weight , and durable . It is to change his eating habits, but also to learn to manage stress , sleep better and play sports.

At the dawn of spring, when the French were still the head ski sports Erwann MENTHEOUR is already preparing the objectives of the summer season : lose the extra pounds . But rather than offering a quick method, although he introduced the Fitnext - expert program tries to unravel the truth and falsehood of all ideas about dieting, fitness and health.

Solar Publishing , € 14.90

The regime 5/2 to French
Delphine and Charlotte Montalier Debeugny
The two experts disclaim hundred seasonal recipes and four week program combining healthy eating and weight loss. Like the same British rule , the " 5:2 ", the program includes two days during which the power does not exceed 500 calories (600 for men) .

My Best Recipes For Slimming Fun

Jean- Michel Cohen

To simplify life , or rather the meal and those who are dieting , Jean- Michel Cohen has worked on three menus ( for each sex ) to discuss the three phases of weight loss : comfort menu ( to start ) menu booster ( to boost weight loss after a period of stagnation ) and the stabilization menu. It remains only to draw in the culinary ideas doctor.

Flammarion, € 19.90

The Fast Regime
Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer

The authors describe the concept of 5:2 , that is to say a diet program based on phases of fasting. This technique is not only put forward to lose weight. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes.

The Low Glycemic Index Diet:

Jennie Brand- Miller, Kaye Foster- Powell, Joanna McMillan - Price, Gerard Slama
The authors recommend a diet rich in quality carbohydrates to achieve weight loss, based on a twelve-week program. The book helps its readers in their quest kilo lost with recipes.