good  night everyone

today I will write reviews about Eau de perfume from brand lolita empicka, I got this from lolabox only sample size.

Lolita empicka? french fashion designer and perfume creator.

in this article I will review about the first fragrance by lolita empicka Eau de perfume.

full size lolita empicka...

 sample size lolita empicka:

lets reviews...

packaging: full size looks its very beautiful, elegant and luxurious, mix gold colour and purple colour match mixing add form apple fruit cute combination.

scent: combination fresh, elegant but unfortunately on my nose its too much alcohol I mean too odor.

price:1.3449.000 rupiah for 80 ml

where to buy:Lolita empicka counter-plaza  indonesia jakarta
repurchase:no, too expensive for me.....