Rebana sunan kalijaga's heritage

me got capture 2008 At keraton Cirebon part collection of museum ,keraton cirebon beside gamelan they kept rebana as their collection.
Gamelan it is Indonesian Music Instrument . Different area has different gamelan like sundanesse gamelan and javanesse is different  and same all gamelan have gong.

indonesian have  a lot off  music instrument like gamelan but why most of us prefer proud listening and learning western instrument?

and what happen in here? but me very amazed if young generation or musician want introduce gamelan to world.

back to topic gamelan.

arches gamelan mostly in java, madura, lombok, and bali.
in those foto is type sundanesse gamelan and called gamelan degung.

Gamelan including applied art  because useful for entertain.
so keep and preserve our culture before our culture claim with other country