Benefit this product its fertilize ur hair and help ur hair grow health, makes healthy and clean. made from ektrak aloe vera i see ingredient its 23.1 mg.

Smell fresh but lil bit fresh, when i use this product its made my hair smooth, smell typical with all varian natur smell its  like lil bit smell ginseng and few bubble in these product no use detergen..but in this use nature ingredient so its smell herbal and attention in packaging becarefull these bottles entered accidentally water because its makes  broken this product. price cheap: 15.000-17.000, rupiah. Unfortunately  not available sachet only bottle packaging.
Ingriedient off this product:
-Panax ginseng radix ektrak 14 mg
-Eclipta prostata folium ektrak 21 mg
-thuja orientas folium ekstrak 21 mg
-apium graviolens folium ektrak 23.1 mg
-aloe vera folium ekstrak 23.1 mg
-hibicus tiliacaes folium ekstrak 11.2 mg
No pom: TR 053 651 181
 produced by Gondowangi.
exp:04-2016 its mean 3 years