today i will write about luxury lipgloss i got free because attending event ysl.
my regular payment is low thus I feel I can't buy this however alhamdulilah I got it free sample however full size.
do you know how much salary as teacher freelance ?one lipstick YSL or one lipgloss YSl is one month regular payment 320.000 rupiah.

when I was a child I want to be likeYSL (Yves Saint Laurent) he is very smart beside created bag, clothing , shoes, he created cosmetic in fact I am only stupid girl =_=.

i gor ysl golden gloss-10(golden peony)

ysl golden gloss:

source picture


love it, nice design very luxury :)....
i like scent.

swatch on hand:

swatch on my lips:

it is matched?
yes, sometimes if I used lip gloss my lips felt an itch however I used golden gloss not felt itchy.
where to buy?
Ysl counter.
price: 30$ repurchase: no................