The final results are in sidangkan painting above.

picture below before revision

My final project about nyai Bagendit.

Media: acrylic paint on canvas

techniques: wet on dry

size 60x 120 cm

I prefer painting before revision :)

Quoted on the virtual pages of stories to tell archipelago that : Once upon a time , in a remote village in Garut , there is a wealthy young widow and had no children . His wealth is abundant and very large houses they occupy a legacy of her husband who had died . Unfortunately, in the widow was very miserly , stingy , and greedy . He does not ever want to give aid to those in need . Even if there are poor people who came to his house to ask for help , he did not hesitate to throw him out . Because it is miserly and stingy it , then the surrounding community called Nyi ENDIT , which means that the rich are stingy . Besides having a rich inheritance , Nyi ENDIT also inherited her husband's work as a loan shark . Almost all agricultural land in his village that is purchased from nearby residents by way of blackmail , which lends money to people with high interest payments and gave him a very short time . If there are people who can not pay the debt to maturity , then the farm must be at stake . No wonder so many people around who were poor due to their farms bought all exhausted by the widow . One day , when Nyi ENDIT 're busy tallying gold and jewels in front of his house , suddenly an old woman carrying a baby came to her . " Nyi ENDIT , have mercy on us ! It's been two days my kids do not eat , "she said plaintively . " Hey old woman who does not know himself ! So, do not have children if you can not afford to feed ! Get out you out of my sight ! " Snapped Nyi ENDIT . Digendongan baby cried she heard the sound of screaming Nyi ENDIT . Because sorry to see her baby , an old beggar was again appealed to the wealthy widow bite of rice in order to provide for his son . Without a word , Nyi ENDIT into the house . What a happy heart the old woman , thinking Nyi ENDIT will take food . " Cup ... cup ... cup ... ! Be still, my dear boy . Soon we 'll get food , " she pleaded as she wiped tears from her baby . Not long after , Nyi ENDIT came out . However , instead of bringing food , but a bucket of water and suddenly Nyi ENDIT splashed toward the old woman . " Byuuurrr ... ! The Taste O old woman ! "Said Nyi Endit.Tak thus, the entire body of an old woman and her baby become waterlogged . The baby was crying uncontrollably . Grief-stricken , the old woman strove and baby wipes soaked body . Looking at the old woman had not yet gone , the wealthy widow not told that getting angry . With a fierce face , he immediately evict an old woman came out of his yard . After the old woman away , Nyi ENDIT back into her house . The next day , some people came to the house asking Nyi ENDIT well water for cooking and bathing . It just happened to be in the village rich widow that is the only that has a well and the water was very abundant . While residents in the surrounding areas have to fetch water in the river a short distance from the village . " Nyi ENDIT , help us ! Let us take to the water in the well Bagendit we use to cook . We are starving , " iba a resident from outside the fence Nyi ENDIT . " Hi , you all ! I do not permit you to take the water in sumurku ! If you want to take the water , go to the river there ! " Expel Nyi ENDIT . The residents could not do anything about it . Eventually , they were forced to go to the river to fetch water . Not long after the people passed , suddenly an old man named Ki Chart standing , holding his stick in front of the house Nyi ENDIT . Grandpa was also intends to ask for water but only to drink. " Boy Nyi ENDIT ! Give servant drinking a sip of water . Servants are very thirsty , " Grandpa 's pity . Nyi ENDIT who had been feeling upset since become increasingly annoyed at the old man's arrival . Sepata Without a word, he walked out of his house and seized a stick and grandfather. Stick with it , he then beat up the old man's battered and fell down to the ground . Seeing the old man is not helpless anymore , Nyi ENDIT throw the stick beside the old man and hurried into the house . It got so bad the old man's fate . Instead of drinking water obtained from the widow but persecution . While holding the pain in his body , the grandfather was trying to grab his cane to get up again . With the remnants of its power , the old man stuck his stick on the home page Nyi ENDIT . As soon as he pulled the stick , the water suddenly gushed out of the former tancapan stick it . At the same time , the old man had disappeared somewhere. The longer bursts of water that the greater and heavy . The residents were scurrying to leave the village in order to save themselves . Meanwhile , Nyi ENDIT still inside the house was about to save all their possessions . Without realizing it , turned the water has submerged entire villages . He was trying to save himself while screaming for help . But no one came to help him because of all the people had left the village . The stingy rich widows who can no longer save himself and sank with all their wealth . Over time, the village was kept under water until it disappears and a lake takes on a broad and deep. By the local community , the lake was named Situ Bagendit . The word there means a vast lake , while the word is taken from the name Nyi Bagendit ENDIT .source : ( ) .