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honestly, me made this last september but me post this made paint 2 canvas.

first i made picture below text.
i made this inspired from wood texture but its look likes wave, lil bit satisfied with result.Me used teknic wet to dry and media acrylik on canvas. Size 60 x 40 cm.

Second picture  i made flower in my plan i want makes tulip but the result like kecombrang (Etlingera elatior). lil bit satisfied color for me too dark, because me use color that i have in my box .
maybe next month or next month again will be better result than this month. x.o x.o suci

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My final project about nyai Bagendit.

Media: acrylic paint on canvas

techniques: wet on dry

size 60x 120 cm

I prefer painting before revision :)

when i was 14   made expresionism art because explore our expretion feels sad or happy.

i coppied  picture my mom's made with kniting and i made my version.

red-rose.... i  gave name it.

me brushed with oil colour maries colour because cheap.

and use brush from wood me bought near my school.

then 7 years ago when i was 21 years old i remake i changed background from black to brown yellow used acrylik colours.

but its made change to be bad....


What's the meaning of this painting: I painted this painting because telling stressful during my life, is about school life, love life and bully. red is my favorite color so I used this and gold to make painting luxury.
size: 60x40 cm media: I used, acrylic color because in past when I made this art I learned used that material not use oil color because it's long time dry if acrylic color fast.
this painting it doesn't mine because the student was join art exhibition with other campus so I decided to join but didn't success because of the size too small and I told her this picture ever post in
 Another lecturer interested in art and she asked me to give her that painting so now that painting in her house. my lecturer whose name is Mrs Dewi

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