review: l'occtianne en provence-shea butter for dry skin

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Two months ago L’occtianne celebrated a birthday so they gave handcream to everyone but changed coupon contain numbers in the counter. I got info from beauty blogger her name Alvianti Fajarsari.
When I changed coupon then the shopkeeper asks my email and phone number then I got my hand cream.

Today I will write reviews this product.

Benefit this product: helps to protect,nourish and soften your hand.

Packaging: this form reminds me with oil colour’s tube but I like it.

.Scent:I like it very smooth .
 Texture: creamy
apply on my hand.
then I massage my hand.

voila can you see it, conclusion this hand cream effective for dry skin.

repucharse: maybe
where to buy: L'occtiane counter 
price:120.000 rupiah for 30 ml

this post not using google translate.


Jay Mee on 17 April 2014 19.02 mengatakan...

that's a great product review. It's also good that you demonstrated how to use the product and your opinions on it. it will surely help buyers decide about purchasing or using it.

Miss Plum - Ninneta on 17 April 2014 19.44 mengatakan...


Baru pertama kali main kesini.. Dan langsung memfollowmu...
Mari bertemannn..

Hand cream ini suka sih, tapi kalau seharian di dalam ruangan ber AC. Kalau nggak ya gitu deh jadi terlalu greasy sometimes... :)

Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.


Suci Permatasari on 17 April 2014 19.50 mengatakan...

makasih yah neng miss plum ya nanti aku kesana

Rochkirstin Santos on 18 April 2014 07.21 mengatakan...

Would you know how much it costs? I know L'occtiane products are more expensive as they are of high quality.

Suci Permatasari on 18 April 2014 11.01 mengatakan...

@rochkirstin santos:honestly i didnt know price 10 ml only know 30 ml price done me writing price

Jien on 19 April 2014 12.51 mengatakan...

Thanks for sharing this! Even though I don't have dry skin, you gave me an idea to give this l'occtainne shea butter to my cousin. She's always on the go.


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