review: oil pastesl-crayola

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today I will write reviews about oil pastels one off package Crayola.

advantage this product:
smooth bleandable texture
non rolling hexagonall shape
strong long lasting

safety information: not  for baby 0-3.

okay lets review:
packaging: all various product Crayola I think same design oil pastel, crayon and pencil colors.

colors: its too disappointed no color cream, blue sky and many gradient colour purple but these color very pigment :).
blend: easy to blend.
its not blue sky but  blue green.

result artwork's using Crayola oil pastel I drew, cat's Popo Iskandar own version

repucharse: maybe i want to buy 28 colour or in offline shop so i can check colour.

disclaimer: with own money


belliani bebe on 18 April 2014 10.56 mengatakan...

hobi lukis ya? Bagus loh gambarnya

Suci Permatasari on 18 April 2014 11.00 mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Suci Permatasari on 18 April 2014 20.51 mengatakan...

bukan hobi bebe tapi kerjaan plus pnh kuliah sr, hehehe mks padahal dikls wktu itu aku trmasuk gambar yang paling biasa


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