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Good morning everyone
Today I will review about crayon from brand Crayola. When I was a child I really want to buy this but I haven’t chance but two months ago I bought this from
Do you know brand Crayola? The most colorful company in world and safety of child.
Brand of artist’s supplies manufactured by formerly Binney & Smith a hallmark company.
Official website:
I’m buying package Crayola from lazada got oil pastel, washable markers, silly putty, and pencil colors.
This post will write about crayons :

So, lets review?

Simple, only picture crayon and color (green and yellow).

I’m very satisfied this product because its very pigment doesn't need power to use.
Yes, easy to blend.

Where to buy:
I bought this product in here, honestly in offline shop I don’t know where to buy , if you know would you mind to tell me where store available sell this product.
Price: 2 crayon, oil pastel, washable markers, silly putty, and pencil colors  is 89200 rupiah or 8 $.

Disclaimer: with own money.


Anonim mengatakan...

Hai! Di toys kingdom atau kidsstazion ada pernah lihat. Di mall kota kasablanka tepatnya

Suci Permatasari on 11 April 2014 10.06 mengatakan...

makasih yah infonya :)

Debarpan on 11 April 2014 10.40 mengatakan...

well this product seems like a nice one,you indeed made a great review here.

cabe cabean on 11 April 2014 16.48 mengatakan...

riviewnya bagus.. (y)


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