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kain 5 cm 4 lembar
3 buah mutiara imitasi

jarum jahit

lem bakar/ glue gun


ukuran tinggi dan lebar 4,5 cm.
lipat  berbentuk segitiga
lipat lagi berbentuk seperti ini dan jahit  tepi bawahnya.
seperti ini.
hasilnya seperti ini buat 4 buah atau 5 buah menjadi bentuk daun
dua daun lalu di jait.
jait 3 daun
jahit 4 daun bolak balik jahit agar  kuat.
hasilnya seperti ini
jahit mutiara imitasi dan batu pecah
sudah seperti ini.

lalu beri lem bakar pada peniti pasang di belakang bunga...

voila selesai

-lace 24 cm
-sewing neddle
-gun glue/hot glue

so let start it.
fold  into two parts.
then fold  edge  like this
then fold again like this.
sewing middle lace.
result like this *sorry cam was blur.
cut another lace 5 cm

then sewing middle cover it

 result like this....
then add glue and add pin behind lace bow,,,.

today i will  write  post about my   handicrafts, sketches and painting. actually all of this work was created years past is also too late to write down this okay .


i will show u painting.

size:60x forty cm

media:acrylik on canvas.

why i created  like this?

just like it kind cupcakes with cream and  cherry on top.

someday I'll create a blueberry cream with vanilla cake and cherry on top. wow delicious adds color gold will be glamour.


media:crayon on paper.

why I created an image like this? because my favorite tulips flowers. I have chosen color purple, red and yellow, I prefer seeing flower with colorful purple, red and yellow and why the leaves blue? because I want to make leaves different with ordinary people painting.
then retouched this image with adobe photoshop cs3 make lightening and paint daubs.


many flower i created  flowers . next post i'll create tutorial.

prepare fabric length 14 cm and height 17 cm then fold

sewing edges 

 result as like these.
add manic,
add glue to breastpin

fabric cut into 7 cm x 7 cm. for 6 pieces

folding fabric

sew and drawstring ends

make 6 petals.

Then sew back and forth.

add beads on flower

after bead pairs to cover the seams

then melt glue burns. Could use a glue gun

give glue on back.

voilaaa ........ Bross fabric

Failed Tsumami kasashi

Me only created this one.
, Actually I created this learned from net cut .

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