Last years me umrah then i bought this heena at Shop anything 2 real hehehehe if in Rupiah is 5000-5400
But its made in pakistan. I bought two but lost one , so now i have one henna.
 Tuesday i used it on my toenail.
Henna still wet.
When henna not yet dry i made too much motion soo henna got messy
waited henna until dry 3 hour or 2 hour if u want fast u can use hair drier its can waste time 20 minutes
and rinse with water
the color henna
I like use henna, because its absorb with nail soo i can do prayer.
And I didnt like use henna cause long time dry and vanish 1-2 month.

still can prayer*muslim
long lastimg

long time dry
indonesian store sell it too