good morning.

today I will write reviews about this stuff, I got this stuff from my cousin. last minute me search data on google and I find one site reviews this stuff but in other site the product is different with mine lol.

so I check this product to an official website U.S.A area I don't find this stuff.
in that website eyeshadow looks very glitter whereas mine is pale not glitter.
okay lets reviews:
packaging: simple, travel size its easy to bring this stuff everywhere but not available brush inside -_- and not available mirror inside .Font easy disappears .
behind packaging: ingredients still containing paraben and expire 30 months after open that packaging.

swatch on my hand its very sheer.

swatch on my eyes , not pigmented me application this stuff four times mmm very sheer , how about staying power it's worse I can say bad quality only stay one hour than color disappears i thought this product maybe fake h&m....-_-....